About Us

The Mission

ELEV Fitness is an intentional pursuit of Growth in every way everyday. Being reminded of what it takes to be 1% better than yesterday.

We don’t believe in Instant gratification, minimal effort, quick-fixes or short-cuts. We believe in consistency. We believe you get what you put in. We believe in getting better 1% everyday in every area of our lives. We believe in being blessed, focused, staying humble, grinding everyday for the growth of our future selves. 

We Make intentional Activewear to feel amazing and perform better.

We focus on the essentials creating a collection of gear that’s perfectly designed for all the ways you train. 

Give More Become More

This is a mantra we operate by

Showcasing movement, intention, passion and our interpretation of being ELEVated. We truly believe that if we give more we can become more not only an incredible product, but a community of passionate and talented individuals