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About Us

The Mission

At ELEV Fitness, we believe in intentional growth every day, guided by our faith. We reject instant gratification, minimal effort, quick-fixes, and shortcuts, and instead focus on becoming the most ELEVated version of ourselves through the grace of God.

We know that in order to have the life we deserve, we must over time elevate our standards in every aspect of life - physically, mentally, and spiritually. As a community of believers, we support each other's journey of growth in all areas of life, striving to become the person necessary to make a positive change in what we value.

In the midst of life's chaos and patterns, we must be reminded of our mission in this world - to serve and glorify. Words can rekindle a burning desire to ELEVate not only ourselves but those around us as well, as we seek to fulfill our purpose. That's what we express through our premium activewear, reminding ourselves to stay blessed, focused, humble, and committed to the growth of our future selves.

Thank you for being part of this culture of faith and growth. Let's ELEVate together, through Him who gives us strength.

We Make intentional Activewear to feel amazing and perform better.

We focus on the essentials creating a collection of gear that’s perfectly designed for all the ways you train. 

At ELEV Fitness, we believe in the power of giving. Our mantra is

Give More, Become More 

This is the mantra we live by at ELEV Fitness. Our faith tells us that by serving others, we can grow in all areas of life.

Through our premium activewear, we foster a community of passionate individuals who strive to become the best version of themselves through faith, consistency, and hard work.

Thank you for being part of this community of faith and growth. Let's continue to give more, become more, and ELEVate together."


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