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Women's V2 Shorts

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Welcome to ELEV's Women's 2 Performance Shorts Collection, featuring our V2 5In Shorts - the epitome of sleek and intentional design for your active lifestyle.

Crafted with precision, these shorts provide the perfect fit and unmatched performance to empower you during every workout. Made from our premium Nylon-light fabric, the V2 5In Shorts offer a second-skin feel and medium compression, ensuring both comfort and support.

Embrace a sleek and minimalist aesthetic with their streamlined design, exuding style and confidence. The normal waist ratio and double V stitch waistband provide a secure and flattering fit, enhancing your look and performance.

With no scrunch detail, these shorts exude a clean and polished appearance, perfect for any activity. Experience unrestricted movement and confidence during your workouts, as the V2 5In Shorts are carefully engineered to stay in place without any rolling up.

The high-quality fabric is lightweight and breathable, allowing you to focus on pushing your limits without distractions. Whether you're hitting the gym, running, or stretching, our V2 5In Shorts are the ultimate companion for your active endeavors.

Elevate your athletic performance and showcase your style with the sleek and intentional design of our V2 5In Shorts. Shop now and redefine your active lifestyle with ELEV!

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